Partnership Program



Become a monthly partner with Lady T Talks Ministries with a gift of any size.

Monthly Partners are an essential part of this ministry to help spread the Gospel around the world. God has given us a mandate to help people be free to be who God has called them to be. We travel around the world teaching people how to remove the mask of pain, hurt, disappointment, rejection, abuse, misuse, and trauma by showing them that they still have value. Broken crayons still color and $100 bills still spend even though they have been torn, stepped on, crinkled, ripped and balled up. Partnership is the intentional sowing and watering of seed to ensure a fruitful harvest. Your monthly commitment will help change lives and communities throughout the world.


When you partner together with Lady T Talks Ministry  

  1. You will be apart of a mission bigger than Lady T Talks
  2. You will help people change their lives through our 8-week Free to be Me Transformation Program and Our Free to be Me Empowerment workshop.
  3. You will receive preferred seating at all events.
  4. You will receive discounts on all products and services.


Our commitment to you

  1. We commit to cover and support you in prayer daily.
  2. We will receive your personal prayer request and agree with you by faith.

Your Commitment

  • Be faithful in prayer for the ministry.
  • Be integral in honoring your commitment to the vision with your connection seed.

For more information contact ladyttalks@gmail.ocom to receive additional information.

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