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I Thank God for Mornings with Lady T Devotional & Mornings with Lady T Journal. These books have been and encouragement to me. It really self motivates me in areas of my life where I may not be as strong as others. Definitely grateful to have purchased these books.
Melissa H.

Lady T Talks Counseling has significantly changed my life for the better. Thanks to her personalized activities and helpful assessments, I have learned so much about myself. I feel so at ease meeting with her because of her ability to understand me. I am so very blessed and content that I made the right decision to choose her as my counselor! She is a caring, intelligent and all around phenomenal woman.
Dian B.

Personal Coaching
I always look forward to my coaching sessions with Talana! She is always positive and inspiring and challenges me to achieve my professional and personal goals! I have seen such an improvement in my life since starting coaching sessions. Her exercises really helped me to transform my mindset and improve my habits to achieve my goals.

Marriage Counseling
If it weren’t for Talana’s counsel and thorough experience in relationship/marital counseling my husband and I wouldn’t have had the tools and resources to move forward in our relationship and know what it takes to have a healthy relationship. We did our pre-engagement and pre-marital counseling with Talana and she really pushed us in a positive direction, made herself available to us when we needed her and was unbiased and professional throughout the whole experience.

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